Two Ways to Get Motivated...NOW!

Do any of these sound familiar? You have a BIG speech presentation tomorrow, and you haven't started. Your luggage has been screaming "please unpack me" for the last week. And you haven't opened any of your need-to-be-paid-right-now bills... Can you answer one thing for me dear reader? What in the name of PRODUCTIVITY are you doing surfing the net...again? We've all been there. We put things off. And then we feel the consequences— as we scurry to get 'er done and the unnecessary angst furiously floods into our nervous system like water bursting out of a dam. It doesn't have to be this way. Today, I'll share two solutions with you— the five-minute rule and the five-second rule— that will tric

How to STOP Worrying in 6 Steps

Worrying cranks up your mind like a wind-up toy, gnarls at your insides, and interferes with living a full life. You know worrying is a waste of time and mental energy. You know worrying isn't beneficial for your mental, physical, and emotional health. And you know worrying robs you from the moment. But you still do it. Here's the thing. You cannot NOT worry! Sure, some people worry more than others. But the reason WHY we do is because our minds are wired this way! Why? To protect us from danger— but that's a whole other blog post! Today, I'll be sharing 6 steps on how to reduce your SOLVABLE worries. But first.... What the heck are solvable worries? Solvable worries, put simply— are worrie





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